Why I choose Yoga?


For me Yoga is body and mind exercise, which releases physical and mental stress and challenges my body.

When I moved from Europe to Canadian West Coast and back, yoga and fitness helped me make decisions that supported my life journey. It was easier to make choices and embrace mine and my family's healthy living. A good yoga practice relaxes me and makes me feel confident, because I can prove to myself and the world that I know how to use my body. It makes me feel alive!

First of all Yoga is a great workout! It calms the mind and builds muscle strength. There are many proved physical benefits of Yoga: it improves your flexibility, perfects your posture, protects your spine, increases your blood flow, improves your balance, supports your connective tissue. Mentally Yoga is even better! It makes you feel happier, helps you focus, gives you peace of mind, increases your self-esteem, encourages self care and healthy lifestyle.

How to start your healthy adventure?

Make exercising your routine. 30 minutes of jog outside in the morning and yoga or strength training twice a week until you feel that exercise has become a part of your daily routine.

Do what you love. The biggest benefit of doing something you love is that you will actually do it and it will become your most effective and beneficial exercise leading to better results.

Workout in a group. If you workout with people who are stronger or fitter than you, you are probably going to get in better shape faster. Get out of your stressed daily routine and join gym or yoga studio to meet other people who have a common interest just like you.

There is nothing better to inspire you than colorful yoga leggings. When you look great, you feel confident and workout harder. Rise and shine in style at the gym or yoga studio and you will be surprised with amazing results!

This is exactly how I started and it worked for me! I wish you good luck too!



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