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As a fashion entrepreneur, mother and wife, world traveler and a modern woman I have always turned to yoga and fitness to keep my life in balance. With strong dedication to beauty, sustainability and healthy lifestyle I created an activewear and loungewear brand with an intention of living in it. Inspired from my life on the North American West Coast 'Epicnes' offers  clothing that you can practice in, workout in, travel in and most of all be yourself in. Epicnes is perfect for feeling and looking your best from the studio to the street. My busy life has influenced every design with timeless fashion, elegant detail, comfort and versatility. Essential and flattering workout pieces will inspire your workout to an entirely new level of sophistication and confidence and will simplify your day. 


Proudly made in Europe, Epicnes is crafted from luxuriously soft, durable fabrics and designed with feminine aesthetics.  4-way stretch, quick dry and a silky fit will help you move and stay active. Quality, love and attention to detail goes into every single piece. Affordable and modern yoga leggings and athleisure clothing will make you feel fit, comfortable and motivated.


With Epicnes I would like to encourage you stay confident, healthy and true to yourself. Epicnes celebrates women's strength, beauty and modern living.


Open back yoga  shirt, Spandex workout leggings, Open back yoga  shirt, Spandex workout leggings, Open back yoga  shirt, Spandex workout leggings

"Open back yoga shirt"
"Spandex workout leggings"

Open back yoga shirt
Spandex workout leggings

Ramona Douglas - founder of Epicnes activewear


activewear made in Europe, sustainable yoga pants, strappy sports bra, open back shirt, loungewear

Made in Europe
With Epicnes, we believe that local manufacturing is a key to environmental, social and economic sustainability. All of our garments and products are carefully sourced and responsibly made here, in Europe.

sustainable fashion, ethically made clothing

Straight to You
By embracing direct-to-consumer online brand, we make high quality products and pass along the transparent value to our customers without extra mark-up.

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